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Brother Swan is a band based in Los Angeles. Known for dynamic live performances, the Gold Diggers club team claims they are “stunning at a safe distance but can be dangerous if you get too close!”.  Their music collages wall-of-sound guitars, hazy vocal harmonies, and jangling percussion to create something unique yet familiar.

Their latest single, "Swimmer" (March 15), is the first track from their second album and spent three consecutive weeks on Buzzbands LA 88.5FM as well as garnering a feature on Pandora AMP. Their debut album, Loom, released on Oct. 3, 2022, premiered at #109 on the NACC Radio charts, and lead singles “Good Luck Baby”, “Spill”, and “When’s the Last Time” were played internationally and across the US, even earning them a few #1 add slots. 

Their success on the radio parallels a long record of shows throughout California, with performances at the Goldfish, Gold Diggers, the University of Southern California, California State University Long Beach, UC Riverside, and an August residency at Harvard and Stone. This year, they are scheduled for their first west coast tour, along with a show at the Historic Park in Downtown LA as a part of Street Food Cinema's showing of Pulp Fiction.

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