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About Us

Brother Swan is an indie rock band based in Los Angeles. Known for dynamic live performances, the Gold Diggers club team claims they are “stunning at a safe distance but can be dangerous if you get too close!”. Their debut LP, Loom, unites Chris Matthews’ pastel vocals with Chris Weisson’s locked-in drums and Ian Stahl’s melodic bass lines and harmonies. With inspirations like My Bloody Valentine, LCD Soundsystem, Elliott Smith, Alex G, and The Brian Jonestown Massacre, their music collages wall-of-sound guitars, hazy vocal harmonies, and jangling percussion to create something unique yet familiar.

Released on Oct. 3, 2022, Loom debuted at #109 on the NACC Radio charts, and lead singles “Good Luck Baby”, “Spill”, and “When’s the Last Time” were featured three consecutive weeks in a row on LA’s 88.5FM Buzzbands with Kevin Bronson. Their success on the radio parallels a slew of hometown shows in LA, with performances at the Goldfish, Gold Diggers, the University of Southern California, California State University Long Beach, the Offbeat Bar, and multiple Buzzbands showcases at Harvard and Stone. The record finds contrast through scale and explores the tension between introspective lyrics set to upbeat composition. Resolve comes to the fore in its acknowledgment of loss, facing the grim realities of “witnessing a friend slowly disappear into nothing”, and choosing to create art out of destruction. Ultimately Loom is a record about dissolution, acknowledging one’s own avoidance and anxiety, and rebuilding through expression. It documents the renewal of love for those who have been in our lives, even if they are no longer around to hear the music.

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